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Large Spindle Bore hollow spindle lathe pipe threading lathe machine

Large Spindle Bore hollow spindle lathe pipe threading lathe machine

Large Spindle Bore hollow spindle lathe pipe threading lathe machine
Large Spindle Bore hollow spindle lathe pipe threading lathe machineLarge Spindle Bore hollow spindle lathe pipe threading lathe machineLarge Spindle Bore hollow spindle lathe pipe threading lathe machineLarge Spindle Bore hollow spindle lathe pipe threading lathe machineLarge Spindle Bore hollow spindle lathe pipe threading lathe machine
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Brandsanzheng cnc lathe machine
Processing length:3850
Max. Swing Diameter:630MM
Voltage:380 3 phase / 50 Hz
Weight:3000kg Horizontal lathe CNC pipe threading lathe
Center to center distance:4000 CNC spindle large hole pipe thread lathe.
Max. Swing Diameter:630MM CNC pipe thread machine.
Swing over the Bed:630 CNC tube cutting machine tool.
Spindle bore:200 cnc drill pipe processing equipment.
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Update Time2019-08-19
Detail Information

SANZHENG Pipe thread machine adopts electric furnace smelting, resin sand molding technology, high quality  Oil Pipe Threading Lathe Thread cutting machine

Large Spindle Bore hollow spindle lathe pipe threading lathe machine


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SANZHENG Pipe Threading Lathe Product Advantages

1.SANZHENG use electric furnace smelting, resin sand molding casting technology,avoid sand holes, stoma casting internal defect effectively, all the accessories are assayed by imported spectrum analyzer, it assures the quality of the casting . The casting had been through second thermal aging treatment with good stability.

SANZHENG can can absolutely ensure the casting quality after the United States imported equipment precision spectrometer analysis.

2.The bed of floor type is the whole structure. The rigidity and width of guide way on the bed of lathe is good enough. The guide way is through high-frequency quenching, the slide guide way joint SD compound soft belt. to make more wear-resisting and lower friction factor. The lead screw is the whole structure (not butt). The saddle is wider and thicker than before, the machine is running more stable. And the cutting ability is better.

With the super audio quenching treatment ,the hardness of Body guide rail can reach above HRC55 degrees, it can keep the hardness high accurate, and prolong the wear resistance and service life.

3.The 3 boxes of lathe were processed by Taiwan’s CNC boring and milling machine center. The other tools are processed by CNC lathe and machine center to ensure the precision of the box and tools.

The lathe bed we produced is all research and development by our own engineers. These all can greatly increased the rigidity and are helpful to widen and Thicken the dragging plate,

4.The large plate guide guide rail (X) is also go through the super audio quenching treatment, so it increased hardness and then could guarantee the service life of equipment more efficiently.

The equipment will firstly tested by the laser interferometer imported from Britain to test repeated positioning accuracy of X, Z direction in order to make sure the accuracy. Then the whole machine will be tested according to the National standard whole machine.

   Our enterprise have got the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and the European Union CE certification.


SANZHENG Pipe Threading Lathe After-sales Service  

First-class manufacturing equipment, first-class quality guarantee.

The pipe threading lathe has won the unanimous trust and praise from domestic and foreign customers for its high quality product and timely after-sales service! "To develop by quality, to survive in good faith” is the constant business philosophy 


Certified with European CE and China official design & ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, Sanzheng experienced internal engineers are standing by to build customized proposal to realize customers’ target in terms of productivity, flexibility and investment pay back.


SANZHENG is continuously growing to affirm innovative solutions and managing to foresee the emergent demands of the markets, Which has made Sanzheng be able to guarantee a high return and full capacity utilization of your Pipe threading machine


SANZHENG insists on complete quality control from raw material processing to machine parts assembly  then to whole machine working system.

The customers service is not only involves in the process of selling and the short installation, but also accompanies your complete production enduringly.

First-class manufacturing equipment, first-class quality guarantee.

The advantages of the product itself are as follows
1) Using electric furnace smelting and resin sand sculpting casting technology to effectively avoid defects such as sand holes and air holes in the castings. The ingredients are analyzed by imported spectrum analyzer to ensure the quality of the castings. The castings are treated with secondary thermal aging and have good stability.
2) It adopts an overall floor type bed with wide bed rails and good rigidity. The guide rails are subjected to high frequency quenching. The SD guide rails have SD composite soft tapes that are wear resistant and reduce the friction coefficient. The screw is integral (non-docking). The saddle is widened and thickened, the operation is more stable, and the cutting ability is improved.
3) The three boxes of the machine tool are precisely machined by the CNC boring and milling machining center imported from Taiwan. The machining of other workpieces is completed by the CNC machine tool and the machining center, which effectively ensures the accuracy of the box and the workpiece.
4) The accuracy test of the equipment is firstly conducted by a Renishaw laser interferometer imported from the United Kingdom to detect the repeated positioning accuracy of the X and Z directions of the equipment. Finally, the overall inspection and acceptance of the equipment in accordance with the corporate standard is performed, which effectively ensures the accuracy of the machine tool.
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1. What is your minimum order quantity and warranty?
MOQ is one set, and warranty is one year.

2.What CNC system do you use?
FANUC, SIEMENS, MISTSUBISHI, GSK etc. It depends on your choice.

3.When is the delivery time?
We will delivery it within 90 days after received your payments

4. How to handle the warranty period?
During the warranty period, because of product quality problems, the company is responsible for free maintenance, if need to change parts, we be responsible for free replacement.
If the machine problem is not belonging to our machine quality problems, when the buyer needs us send engineers to give repairing service, we charge the appropriate cost.

5.Can your company send the technical personnel to our company and direct our workers for free?
When the machine arrive the buyer’s installation site, we timely send mechanical and electrical engineers to install according to the buyer's schedule, the buyer undertakes board and lodging of personnel abroad in the process of installation, and also USD100.00 per day per person. The seller will cooperate with the buyer to deal with visa and installation preparation before going abroad.

6.What's the trade assurance?
When you look at our alibaba website, you will see the trade security, its purpose is to let every buyer confidence, it can protect your payment, ensure that the suppliers fulfill their commitment to the date of shipment and the quality of the products (as you stated in the purchase order).
If the supplier finds breach of these contractual obligations, alibaba will indemnify you for 100% of your trade guarantee.
Therefore, I believe that through trade guarantees, you will have greater confidence to cooperate with us.

7.Do your products support trade assurance?
Yes, our products are all supported.

Main Parameters

Model and specifications







Guideway width

490 mm



Max.swing over bed




Max.swing over carriage




Hole through spindle

130 mm






Max.processing Pipe diameter

126 mm

196 mm





Max.workpiece length


The actual machining lengt


Number of spindle speed changes

18 steps

12 steps

12 steps

12 steps

12 steps

12 steps

Range of spindle speed changes

12~640 r/min

24~300 r/min

24~300 r/min

24~300 r/min

24~350 r/min

24~350 r/min

Tool post style

Vertical 4 Stations

Knife rest translocation time


Repeated positioning accuracy


Processing workpiece precision


Workpiece surface roughness


Bed quenching hardness


Power of main motor





400   3-jaw

500   3-jaw

500  3-jaw

800   4-jaw

1000  4-jaw


 Customer's testing

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