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QK1335 CNC pipe threading lathe machine was ready to be packaged and shipped to Iran.

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QK1335 CNC pipe threading lathe machine was ready to be packaged and shipped to Iran.
Issue Time:2020-03-09
QK1335 CNC pipe threading lathe was ready to be packaged and shipped to Iran. 
QK1335 CNC pipe threading lathe was ready to be packaged and shipped to Iran. 
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Product structure and component advantages
•The bed
The bed adopts a cast integral bed. Factory casting.The internal ribs have a reasonable layout and high rigidity.The guide rail adopts intermediate frequency quenching and grinding technology, and the anti-crawling guide plate technology is adopted at the sliding guide surface. The dynamic characteristics such as friction damping coefficient are in the best state to avoid the occurrence of low-speed crawling.Natural aging, effectively maintains rigidity and avoids deformation during use.
The headstock adopts a symmetrical structure, which makes the thermal deformation uniform and avoids the offset of the center of the spindle.In order to reduce thermal deformation, the headstock is lubricated by oil bath circulation.The main shaft bearing of the machine tool is selected from domestic nameplate products (Luo shaft, pad shaft). The front and rear spindle bearings are supported by high-precision tapered roller bearings to increase rigidity and accuracy.The gears in the main shaft box are quenched and ground to ensure accurate transmission, low noise and long life.The carefully assembled spindle has the characteristics of low temperature rise, small thermal deformation, low noise, and high precision, which keeps the accuracy of the spindle relatively stable during long-term work.
•Ball screw
Use Taiwan ABI, HIWIN, PMI and other brands of grinding screws.High positioning accuracy.Less wear can maintain accuracy for a long time.The ZARN series of ball screw is used to improve the radial and axial accuracy and rigidity of the feed shaft and maintain the machining accuracy for a long time.
•Electric tool post
Optional vertical electric four-station, horizontal eight-station hydraulic (servo, electric) domestic or imported brand-name turrets can be used to realize automatic and efficient processing procedures.
•Chuck: Users can choose manual three-jaw self-centering chuck, four-jaw single-action chuck, electric chuck, pneumatic chuck and many other options.
•Machine tool appliances: Select well-known brands of electrical components such as Schneider from Germany and Omron from Japan. Makes the machine work longer without trouble, more convenient and quick maintenance.
•CNC system: FANUC Oi-TF, SIENENS SINUMERIK 808D and other numerical control systems can be selected, which is more efficient, faster, more flexible and more intelligent.
•Rich options: Optional fixed and moving center frames, reducing sleeves, boring tool holders, etc., greatly increasing the use of the equipment and operability. (See optional list).
•easy to use: Gather customer feedback to continuously update and upgrade products to maximize product availability and operability.

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