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Pipe thread lathe use precautions

Pipe thread lathe use precautions
Issue Time:2019-01-25
Pipe thread lathe in normal operation, the parameters are shown in the stable allowed range, if the parameters deviate from the normal range, on behalf of the system or machine tool itself or equipment of a part, part failure, must immediately find out the cause, to prevent failure to cause a greater accident.

       1. Abnormal temperature rise.Commonly used in various kinds of pipe thread lathe motor and bearing gear box.

       2. Abnormal rotation speed.Due to sudden change of load or mechanical failure of the machine tool, the machine tool running speed is higher than or lower than the normal speed.

      3. Excessive vibration and noise.Bad design, manufacturing defects, installation defects, parts running imbalance, parts wear, lack of lubrication, foreign bodies into the machine tool, machine tool vibration or noise will cause abnormal.

       4.There was a crash.It may be because the parts loose off, into the foreign body, rotor imbalance.

    5. Abnormal input and output parameters.Performance is: machining accuracy change;Change of machine tool efficiency;Abnormal power consumption of machine tools;Abnormal quality of processed products;The sudden decrease of feeding quantity indicates that the production system is leaking or blocked;The machine tool runs with illness.

      6. Internal defects of pipe threading lathe.Including the occurrence of cracks in the components of the machine tool;The insulation quality of electrical equipment and facilities declines;A defect caused by corrosion.

     Above six abnormal conditions, must not be underestimated, once the emergence of immediately stop the operation of equipment, do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance.

SANZHENG Pipe threading lathe Product advantages: 

1.We use electric furnace smelting, resin sand molding casting technology,avoid sand holes, stoma casting internal defect effectively, all the accessories are assayed by imported spectrum analyzer, it assures the quality of the casting . The casting had been through second thermal aging treatment with good stability.

we can can absolutely ensure the casting quality after the United States imported equipment precision spectrometer analysis.

2.The bed of floor type is the whole structure. The rigidity and width of guide way on the bed of lathe is good enough. The guide way is through high-frequency quenching, the slide guide way joint SD compound soft belt. to make more wear-resisting and lower friction factor. The lead screw is the whole structure (not butt). The saddle is wider and thicker than before, the machine is running more stable. And the cutting ability is better.

With the super audio quenching treatment ,the hardness of Body guide rail can reach above HRC55 degrees, it can keep the hardness high accurate, and prolong the wear resistance and service life.

3.The 3 boxes of lathe were processed by Taiwan’s CNC boring and milling machine center. The other tools are processed by CNC lathe and machine center to ensure the precision of the box and tools.

The lathe bed we produced is all research and development by our own engineers. These all can greatly increased the rigidity and are helpful to widen and Thicken the dragging plate,

4.The large plate guide guide rail (X) is also go through the super audio quenching treatment, so it increased hardness and then could guarantee the service life of equipment more efficiently.

The equipment will firstly tested by the laser interferometer imported from Britain to test repeated positioning accuracy of X, Z direction in order to make sure the accuracy. Then the whole machine will be tested according to the National standard whole machine.

   Our enterprise have got the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and the European Union CE certification. 

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