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SANZHENG Pipe Theading Lathe Russia sales service maintenance line

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SANZHENG Pipe Theading Lathe Russia sales service maintenance line
Issue Time:2018-10-29

SANZHENG Pipe Theading Lathe Russia sales service maintenance line

Today, enterprises need to rely on the strength of technology and product quality to gain competitive advantage. After-sales service is also an important link. Products and services have already participated in the market competition as a whole. For customers, it is important to have good products, and how to use them well during use is even more important.

Recently, our boss Alice and engineer Yang Gong went to the factory of major Russian customers for a 10-day sales service.

Customer first, always responsible for the customer

一.the establishment of SANZHENG Pipe Theading Lathe, we have been customer first, adhere to the "safe, fast and efficient" after-sales service tenet, and the service concept of "safety first, sunshine service, and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction" to solve all after-sales service for customers. Guarantee the problem.

1 On-site and customer communication equipment problems, engineers personally check the equipment

Through communication, we better know the problems of the equipment and solve the problems of the equipment! Really altruistic and considerate for customers, can truly win the trust and dependence of customers!

2 Engineers bring their own tools and materials, and solve problems such as maintenance on site.

Based on the principle of quality-oriented and service-oriented, we will achieve real good deeds, self-interest, and customers.

3 Face the customer's questions, give professional answers and solutions on site

二.with a sense of advance service, prevent problems before they happen

Before the arrival of people, the first day's work report and promotion plan will arrive first! After finishing the day's work, the leaders and engineers will work together to sort out the problems of the scene and the improvement plan of our company. And the first time, the domestic Russian team translated and produced the PPT with pictures and texts sent to the customer. Serving customers We are serious and professional!

三. I hope that customers are happy from the bottom of my heart.

Understand the true voice of our customers and provide products and services that we truly believe are quality, be prepared, and adhere to results rather than plans to truly solve customer problems.


Finally, thank the client company for always choosing us and giving absolute trust. Rongcheng will serve customers in a comprehensive manner in the continuous cooperation, creating greater value and the best use experience for customers.

SANZHENG Pipe Theading Lathe - our service is more than just talking about it.

When we see that 100% of the customer's special equipment is provided by us, it is not proud, not proud, but awe, gratitude and responsibility!

SANZHENG Pipe Theading Lathe, keep on cheering!



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