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New CNC pipe thread processing machine

New CNC pipe thread processing machine
Update Time:2019-03-31

New CNC pipe thread processing machine

This machine can cut linear, diagonal, arc, male and female threads, and has many functions such as tool nose radius compensation. Equipped with automatic turning and loading and unloading devices for continuous automatic machining of parts.

This machine tool is a high-efficiency, high-precision three-coordinate, petroleum tubing sleeve and pipe thread CNC machining machine independently developed by our company according to the development needs of the petroleum industry. The machine can cut straight lines, diagonal lines, arcs, male and female threads, and has many functions such as tool nose radius compensation. Equipped with automatic turning and loading and unloading devices for continuous automatic machining of parts.

Three-axis linkage, three-coordinate double tool holder and multi-knife are used to participate in cutting at the same time to improve the production efficiency of parts. The workpiece rotates, the outer diameter is centered, and the front and rear chucks are floating and clamped, and the clamping is reliable and rapid. The device has a sleeve inner support mechanism, which is subjected to strong radial force during machining, which greatly increases the clamping rigidity and ensures the machining accuracy of the workpiece. The use of high-power motors to meet the requirements of strong cutting; machine tool tonnage weight, overall rigidity. When the parts are changed, the auxiliary machine is involved in the overall programming, especially for the automatic production line of frequently changing products.

The machine consists of bed, headstock, front-rear floating (centering) jaws, internal expansion floating centering, vertical and horizontal sliding plate, electric tool holder, numerical control system, servo drive system, electrical system, hydraulic system, cooling system, lubrication The system and the protective part are composed.

The bed is made of monolithic cast iron (internal sand), the guide rail is 45° from the horizontal plane, and has good chip evacuation and operability.

The main drive system consists of a DC variable speed motor and a matched main drive system with stepless speed regulation and constant speed cutting performance.

When turning the pipe thread, it needs to be clamped by the inner support clamp of the tailstock. The inner support clamp is driven by the oil cylinder and can float with the pipe hole axis. The tail platform is composed of the tailstock slide and the tailstock body. The tailstock is driven by the hydraulic cylinder with a stroke of 650mm. The tailstock is in the front position during normal cutting.

The upper tool holder is a DM six-station servo indexing position and a hydraulic locking tool holder; the lower tool holder is a single-station tool holder.

The X1 axis ball screw is fixed on the two supports, and the servo motor drives the ball screw to rotate the slide screw to perform the lateral feed motion through the synchronous toothed belt pulley.

The Z-axis ball screw is fixed on the two supports perpendicular to the X-axis below the X-axis, and the servo motor drives the ball screw to rotate by the synchronous toothed belt pulley to drag the saddle for the longitudinal feed motion.

The centering arm is driven by a hydraulic motor through gears and leadscrews with a stroke of up to 130 mm. When the concentric deviation is less than 1/2 pitch (claw seat), adjust the eccentric shaft (3 pieces) to ensure concentricity.

The system adopts two sets of front and rear floating chuck devices. The front and rear chucks can be clamped in two ways: floating and non-floating. The floating amount of the chuck is adjusted within ±4mm. The chuck power comes from the cylinder of the chuck itself, and the reciprocating motion of the cylinder piston realizes the release and clamping of the chuck.

The feeding auxiliary machine is composed of a feeding pressure roller, a feeding alignment, a supporting roller, a step feeding, a main feeding, a material blocking device, an adjustment, a material returning material and a base portion.

This hydraulic system uses a superimposed control valve. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure and high reliability, and the hydraulic pump adopts a vane type variable pump, which has the advantages of energy saving, small heat generation and low noise.

The lubrication of the spindle bearings and gears in the headstock is lubricated with thin oil. The oil pump is lubricated by a separate oil pump, and the magnetic oil filter and oil separator are distributed to each lubrication point. The horizontal and horizontal guide rails of the tool holder and the X-axis and Z-axis ball screws are lubricated by a progressive centralized automatic lubrication system.

The system uses a high-pressure cooling fine filter device and a chain plate type automatic chip conveyor.

The standard configuration of the CNC CNC system of the machine tool adopts the FANUC 0i CNC system of FANUC Corporation of Japan.

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