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CNC Lathe Machine Notice to operator:

CNC Lathe Machine Notice to operator:
Update Time:2019-03-05
CNC Lathe Machine Notice to operator: 
a. Only the operators, who thoroughly understand the safety instruction, operation and maintenance manual, can operate the lathe. The lathe operator should wear protective clothing and helmet, and avoid being damaged by the rotating workpiece. Never let the head 
and hand reach over rotating parts. Never operate the lathe after taking OTC medicine or much alcohol. 
b. The technological process person should be trained on preparing production of CNC machine tools. Ensure clamping of cutting tools and workpiece secure and reliable so as not to allow any tools or workpiece loose caused by cutting forces. A skilled and experienced 
operator is needed to start the lathe for the first time. Before starting the lathe, do close and lock all the doors and covers. And check for proper setting of operating elements (buttons, knobs, levers, switches, etc.). It is forbidden to utilize the lathe or internal unit after confirming damage to any electric, mechanical safeguards, interlocking and 
setting elements and equipments. Anything abnormal or breakdown should be reported to relevant person. 
c. It is forbidden to operate the lathe after confirming damage to safety elements. 
d. Before switching on or putting the lathe into motion, it should be checked that this task does not form a danger to another person. 
e. Not permit strangers to the lathe without the qualified supervisors. 
f. Keep work area clean and dry, remove chips, oil and other obstacle; in order to obtain optimal output and safe work condition, use cabinets or shelves to store the tools; furthermore, 
provide the suitable tools to operate and service units and platform. 
g. The stopped lathe should be protected against accidental switching on (in case of lubricating, cleaning, or other intervals in work switch off the mains). For large repairs and adjustments, 
flow of current to the electric cabinet should be completely cut off, and then wires L1,L2,L3 removed from terminal board and bare ends insulated. It is forbidden to switch off power supply by means of the main switch on electric cabinet or the external main switch while 
main drive is on or spindle is rotating. 
h. For the sake of transportation safety, the movable parts (such as guard door and console, etc.) should be fixed(see Fig. 2). The user should remove the fixing plate before coming into use the lathe, and keep them well for future use.
i.Install the lathe on a proper foundation. Considering convenient and safe operation, leave enough room to open the guards and doors during adjustment, lubrication and inspection. And before proceeding to work, check the lathe earthing condition for safety. 
j. Ensure the lighting is well(200-500Lx). Only an operator, who has been trained and has CKE6150-010 good knowledge of this Manual, can independently operate the lathe. 
k. Every time restart the lathe after a long time idle, lubricate it by the manual pulling rod of the lubricating pump. 
l. Do not run the lathe unattended. 
m. When fixing the chuck or some attachments on spindle, the power should be cut off in spindle running. 
n. Never mount a fixture, which has not been verified for its compatibility. 
o. Check the load of all centers.

Application condition :
(1)Power:Rated voltage ±10% 
(3)relative humidity:Lower than 75% 
(4)Ambient temperature:5°C~40°C, average temperature is no more than 35°C within 24h. 
(5)No condensation. 
(6)Atmosphere:No extra dust, acid rain, corrosive gas and salinity. 
(7)Avoid temperature growing because of lathe exposed to the sun directly or heat radiation. 
(8)Avoid abnormal vibration of the lathe. 
Warning:Provided the lathe is used to machine cast iron, dust collector should be used to ensure normal 
running of the lathe!
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