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CNC oil pipe thread lathe (SANZHENG pipe thread lathe)

CNC oil pipe thread lathe (SANZHENG pipe thread lathe)
Update Time:2019-02-21
CNC oil pipe thread lathe (SANZHENG pipe thread lathe)
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CNC Pipe Thread Turning Lathe
Pipe thread lathe is a new generation CNC lathe designed and developed by our factory. It is most suitable for processing various pipe threads in oilfield, geological, mining, chemical and other industries. For example, oil pipe, casing, pipe, pump pipe, mine pipe and other thread processing, is also suitable for other industries to turn a variety of ordinary internal and external circles and complex shapes of parts. The machine adopts automatic rotary tool holder and adopts international standard code. It can automatically complete the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, any tapered surface and straight and taper threads. The processing range of cutting, curved surface and spherical surface is large, the processing efficiency is high, and the precision and stability are good. Easy to operate. This machine is ideal for users to increase production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.
CNC oil pipe thread lathe [SANZHENG pipe thread lathe]. The self-limiting temperature electric heating system is composed of a wire core wire, a conductive layer, an insulating layer, a shielding layer and an anti-corrosion layer, which plays the role of heat preservation and anti-freezing. The numerical control petroleum pipe thread lathe and the electric heat tracing system are wires. Copper core wire, in which the copper core wire must be tinned outside the wire. Everyone knows that copper will be oxidized in the humid environment and in the air to produce alkaline copper carbonate. We often call it copper green, copper oxide reacting with oxygen. It will turn dark brown, and the oxidized copper conductor will affect the service life and electrical conductivity of the electric heating cable. The reason why the CNC oil pipe thread lathe is tinned for the copper core wire is to prevent the copper wire from oxidizing and increase the service life, and the thermal decay rate is also greatly reduced. It is helpful for the whole electric heat tracing system, and the user is purchasing electricity. When the heat tracing system is used, it is necessary to communicate the specific materials of the wires with the manufacturer to avoid affecting the service life after the purchase. CNC oil pipe thread lathe, the role of electric heating system is insulation antifreeze and anti-coagulation, its effect is significant, mainly used in liquid pipe insulation thaw, such as: petroleum, chemical, electric power, fire, metallurgy and light industry liquid pipeline anti-condensation insulation Electric heat insulation.

For the instrument equipment with slightly higher temperature demand, the constant power electric heating belt is selected, which is a kind of electric heating cable with high heating temperature and high temperature. CNC oil pipe thread lathe, constant power electric heating cable unit length heat is constant, output power is not changed by environmental temperature changes, the use length is proportional to power. The constant power electric heating cable can be arbitrarily spliced ​​during installation, but must have a heating section (ie at least 3m). CNC oil pipe thread lathe, constant power electric heating cable in the structure, the electric heating cable has a layer of braiding on the outer layer, which has heat transfer and heat dissipation, and can be used as a safety ground for anti-static. The outer layer of zui is a fluoroplastic anti-corrosion outer sheath, which is high in temperature resistance and is especially suitable for pipe insulation in corrosive areas. In order to strictly control the heat tracing and heat preservation of the liquid pipeline (constant power electric heating cable must be equipped with a temperature controller). CNC oil pipe thread lathes, anti-freeze maintenance of electrical equipment has also become more important. Traditional hot water and steam insulation have some drawbacks, such as pollution of the environment, the use of thermal efficiency is not high and so on. A new type of electric heat tracing insulation method enters people's eyes. The electric tracing system uses electric energy and is installed on the surface of the pipe. The heat is insulated by the medium to achieve the purpose of antifreeze and heat preservation.
lathe machine
It is widely used in the insulation of pipelines and tanks, especially in the field of pipeline electrical heat insulation. CNC oil pipe threaded lathes, in the case of cold weather, there is a high risk of freezing pipelines in the plant area. At this time, measures are taken to install electric heat tracing products for equipment that does not have an electric heat tracing insulation system. Install the electric heat tracing system before the cold weather. CNC oil pipe thread lathe, electric heat tracing insulation device is simple to install, uniform in heat generation and high in use efficiency. Moreover, the electric heat tracing system has an accurate temperature control, and a dedicated temperature controller can be used to adjust the temperature. Some factories have the functions of remote control, remote control and automatic management for debugging and maintenance. CNC oil pipe thread lathe, the use of electric heating insulation system eliminates the installation of boilers, associated pipes, accessories, control components, water quality testing and other equipment, saving construction supplies, and daily maintenance is simple. The electric heat tracing insulation system is a technology development direction that replaces steam and hot water heating, and is an energy-saving project promoted by the state.

Due to the low outdoor temperature in winter, the cooling tower cooling system needs to be supplemented with certain anti-freezing measures to ensure the normal operation of the cooling water system during the winter. It is common to use the method of electric heating and anti-freezing insulation. At this time, the energy saving of the cooling tower cooling needs to theoretically reduce the amount of electricity consumed by the electric heating of the pipeline. CNC oil pipe thread lathe, when using chiller for cooling in winter, due to the low temperature requirement for cooling water, the cooling water system also needs electric heating antifreeze measures. The cooling water running in the chiller has a low temperature of 10 °C. When the cooling tower is cooled for free, the operating temperature of the cooling water can be lower than 10 °C. CNC oil pipe thread lathe, which means that the project needs to maintain the temperature of the water medium in the cooling tower at around 10 °C is suitable. According to the temperature requirement of antifreeze insulation, it is recommended to use low temperature self-limiting temperature electric heating cable, which is an energy-saving electric heat tracing insulation product with positive temperature effect of PTC resistance. CNC oil pipe thread lathe, low temperature self-limiting temperature electric heating cable itself has a personal temperature of 65 ° C, the electric heating cable is wrapped around the surface of the cooling tower, and the heat dissipated by the electric heating is used to maintain the temperature required by the water medium. With precise temperature control, an explosion-proof temperature controller can be used to adjust the temperature.

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