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Petrochemical industry-CNC CNC lathe

Petrochemical industry-CNC CNC lathe
Update Time:2019-02-21
Petrochemical industry-CNC CNC lathe
Petrochemical industry - CNC lathes. The self-limiting temperature electric heating cable has a small temperature gradient and a long heat stabilization time, which is suitable for long-term use and has a long service life. CNC lathe, self-limiting temperature electric heating has high thermal efficiency, good thermal insulation effect, energy saving in electric heating, simple design, convenient construction and installation, no pollution and long service life. After the installation of the self-limiting temperature heating cable, the staff promptly raises the temperature of the electric heating, and checks the electric heating work regularly every day. CNC lathes, the staff also comprehensively inspect the station to separate the heating equipment, to do the maintenance of the relevant process pipeline installations, effectively avoiding the natural gas pipeline ice blockage incident. In the later stage of electric heat tracing, the project will focus on strengthening pipeline patrols, inspecting gas supply facilities along the line, improving emergency response capabilities, and strengthening emergency supply and supply linkage. CNC lathes focus on strengthening the publicity and supervision of the lines along the line, and focus on some areas in the area to ensure that the pipeline operation is foolproof.

Do not turn the heating cable system on and off frequently after the electric heat tracing system is installed. CNC lathes, many users think that electric heating is a product that uses electric energy, and the long-term cost of opening electricity is relatively large, so it develops the habit of frequently turning on and off the electric heating system. In fact, this is not the right thing to do. Instead, it will cost more. Especially for self-limiting temperature electric heating products, its starting current is large, that is to say, when the power is turned on, the power is large, and the corresponding power is more. CNC lathes, frequent opening and closing of the heating cable system are not correct. In particular, the self-limiting temperature electric heating cable itself is an environmentally-friendly product, and its PTC semiconductor material has a good memory function. In the months that need to be used in the winter, after opening, pay attention to daily maintenance and inspection work. Many users will wait until the electric heating system freezes before using the electric heating system. The function of CNC lathe, electric heating system is to use its own heat to compensate the heat loss of the pipeline to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and anti-freezing.

The self-limiting temperature electric heating system is composed of a wire core wire, a conductive layer, an insulating layer, a shielding layer and an anti-corrosion layer, and plays a role of heat preservation and anti-freezing. The CNC numerical control lathe and the electric heating system are wires made of copper core wire. In the composition, the copper core wire must be tinned outside the core wire. Everyone knows that copper will be oxidized in the humid environment and in the air to produce alkaline copper carbonate. We often call it patina, and the copper oxide reacting with oxygen will become Dark brown, oxidized copper conductors can affect the life and electrical conductivity of the heating cable. The reason why the CNC lathe is tinned for the copper core wire is to prevent the copper wire from oxidizing and increase the service life, and the thermal decay rate is also greatly reduced. It is helpful for the entire electric heat tracing system, and the user purchases the electric heat tracing system. When communicating with the manufacturer, it is necessary to communicate the specific materials of the wires to avoid affecting the service life after the purchase. CNC lathe, the function of electric heating system is anti-freezing and anti-coagulation, its effect is remarkable, mainly used in liquid pipe insulation and thaw, such as: petroleum, chemical, electric power, fire, metallurgy and light industry liquid pipeline anti-condensation insulation electric heating Keep warm.

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For the instrument equipment with slightly higher temperature demand, the constant power electric heating belt is selected, which is a kind of electric heating cable with high heating temperature and high temperature. The CNC lathe, the constant power electric heating cable has a constant heat per unit length, and the output power is not changed by the ambient temperature. The length and power are proportional. The constant power electric heating cable can be arbitrarily spliced ​​during installation, but must have a heating section (ie at least 3m). CNC lathe, constant power electric heating cable in the structure, the electric heating cable has a layer of braiding on the outer layer, which has heat transfer and heat dissipation, and can be used as a safety ground for anti-static. The outer layer of zui is a fluoroplastic anti-corrosion outer sheath, which is high in temperature resistance and is especially suitable for pipe insulation in corrosive areas. In order to strictly control the heat tracing and heat preservation of the liquid pipeline (constant power electric heating cable must be equipped with a temperature controller). CNC lathes, antifreeze maintenance of electrical equipment has also become more important. Traditional hot water and steam insulation have some drawbacks, such as pollution of the environment, the use of thermal efficiency is not high and so on. A new type of electric heat tracing insulation method enters people's eyes. The electric tracing system uses electric energy and is installed on the surface of the pipe. The heat is insulated by the medium to achieve the purpose of antifreeze and heat preservation.

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