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Petrochemical industry - CNC pipe thread lathe

Petrochemical industry - CNC pipe thread lathe
Update Time:2019-02-21
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CNC Pipe Thread Turning Lathe
Pipe thread lathe is a new generation CNC lathe designed and developed by our factory. It is most suitable for processing various pipe threads in oilfield, geological, mining, chemical and other industries. For example, oil pipe, casing, pipe, pump pipe, mine pipe and other thread processing, is also suitable for other industries to turn a variety of ordinary internal and external circles and complex shapes of parts. The machine adopts automatic rotary tool holder and adopts international standard code. It can automatically complete the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, any tapered surface and straight and taper threads. The processing range of cutting, curved surface and spherical surface is large, the processing efficiency is high, and the precision and stability are good. Easy to operate. This machine is ideal for users to increase production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

Petrochemical industry - CNC pipe thread lathe. CNC pipe thread lathe, the role of electric heating cable is to prevent the freezing and holding of the liquid pipeline in winter, to achieve the effect of heat and anticoagulation. Under normal circumstances, the user does not understand the electric heating cable, which causes the option error, or purchase The electric heating cable produced by the three manufacturers has caused the pipeline to freeze again, which seriously affects production and transportation. CNC pipe thread lathes, electric heating cables are commonly used in industrial anti-freeze heating, complex pipe process heating, long-distance pipe heating, tank and container heating. This heat tracing method has incomparable advantages over traditional steam tracing and hot water tracing:
1. The electric heating energy can be used effectively and reasonably. The electric heating cable can supply heat only when needed, and can select the corresponding products according to the heat loss of the equipment and the pipeline, and the energy saving effect is remarkable compared with the traditional steam heating.
2. In addition to the general environmental environment, electric heating cable products can also be used in corrosive environments and explosion hazardous environments. CNC pipe thread lathe, designed for explosion-proof and corrosion-proof electric heating products for inflammable and explosive areas, and with explosion-proof, fireproof and all-weather performance, safe and reliable.
3, the electric heating cable can maintain the temperature can be effectively controlled, you can use the temperature controller to control and adjust the temperature, not overheating, especially for the thermosensitive medium, especially its superiority.
4. The electric heating cable maintains a large temperature range, and the MI heating cable temperature is up to 500 ° C or higher.
5. The electric heat tracing product is small in size, flexible in flexibility, convenient in construction, and does not increase the amount of thermal insulation of equipment or pipelines, and the daily maintenance workload is small.
6. For facilities that are far away or have no steam supply, to solve the above problems, electric heating cable is the choice.
7, electric heat tracing device is simple, uniform heating, accurate temperature, fast response, optional control and remote control, automatic management.
8. The electric heating cable has a long service life, especially the constant power type electric heating cable and the MI heating cable are used for a long time, and use electric energy to not pollute the environment.

MI stainless steel electric heating belt has a temperature range of 400°C-600°C, which fully meets the pipeline insulation heating of carbon five hydrocarbon products. The electric heating belt has the advantages of fireproof, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance, and is suitable for high temperature requirements. Location, CNC pipe thread lathe, high temperature melting point up to more than 1,000 degrees, will not melt and other phenomena, with the temperature controller can accurately control the temperature range. China mainly uses raw coal as fuel for power generation. Most power plant boilers use coal powder to feed boilers. If the level of pulverized coal bin is too low or too high, it is easy to cause accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately place materials. CNC threaded lathes must be paid attention to in the pulverized coal warehouse. In the customer's request, the high exposure temperature of Zui needs to be controlled. At 60 ° C, I feel confused with the sales manager. The temperature should be 30-45 ° C, but the exposure temperature should be 60 degrees. Is it a low temperature heating cable or a medium temperature heating cable?
pipe threading lathe machine
CNC pipe thread lathe, self-limiting temperature electric heating system has the following advantages:
1. The electric heat tracing product has the positive temperature characteristic of the PTC resistor. The power of the electric tracing system changes with the ambient temperature or the surface temperature of the device. The lower the ambient temperature, the greater the electric heating output power, and the better compensation for the pipeline. And the surface temperature of the equipment is lost.
2. The length of the Zui large electric heating system is 100 meters, and the length of the self-limiting temperature heating cable can be cut freely within the range of 0~100 meters.
3, self-limiting temperature and electric heating can be overlapped installation, more suitable for irregular shape of the valve insulation installation, simple installation, good insulation effect.
4. The use of electric heat tracing system to save power energy is determined by the working principle and characteristics of self-limiting temperature and electric heating, because when the ambient temperature rises, the electric heating output power is small. Of course, the amount of electricity used will also decrease.
5, the use of electrical energy, there will be no pollution and waste caused by steam heating, in line with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, welcomed by users.
6, low temperature self-limiting temperature electric heating cable self-heating temperature does not exceed 65 ° C, medium temperature self-limiting temperature electric heating cable self-heating temperature does not exceed 1055 ° C. CNC pipe thread lathes, without precise temperature control, can be used without temperature control equipment (or centralized temperature control), which can also save the cost of electric heating.

The winter climate is cold, and in the low temperature environment, the urea solution will crystallize during the flow. In order to ensure the normal use of the desulfurization system, it is necessary to adopt the necessary heat insulation measures. CNC pipe thread lathe, because this type of pipe has the characteristics of maintaining high temperature, so when choosing the insulation method, it is necessary to consider not only the environmental protection and saving problems, but also the temperature of the temperature. For high temperature requirements, stainless steel armored electric heat tracing is particularly suitable. CNC pipe thread lathe, stainless steel armored electric heating structure is inorganic, so its long life, not easy to aging, high compressive strength, because its outer sheath is metal sheath, which determines its long-term operation will not aging, Can run at high temperatures for a long time. CNC pipe thread lathe, electric heating cable insulation function is mainly used for winter pipeline anti-freezing, open the pipeline heating in winter, and the winter weather is not too cold, the pipeline does not need to solve the frozen bet, naturally it does not need to be used, no need to open .
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