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How to choose the right CNC pipe thread lathe?

How to choose the right CNC pipe thread lathe?
Update Time:2019-02-19
How to choose the right CNC pipe thread lathe?
Pipe thread lathe, also known as pipe thread lathe, is a horizontal lathe designed for turning large-diameter pipe fittings. It features a large hole diameter of the main shaft (generally 135mm or more) and a chuck on the front and rear of the spindle box. In order to facilitate the clamping and processing of large-diameter pipe fittings or bars, the product is widely used in mechanical processing of machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, coal, geological exploration, urban water supply and drainage industries. According to the control and operation mode, the pipe thread lathe is mainly divided into two types: ordinary pipe thread lathe and CNC pipe thread lathe.

Structural features:
The pipe thread lathe generally has a large through hole on the headstock, and the workpiece is passed through the through hole and clamped by two chucks at both ends of the spindle for the rotary motion. There are two ways to feed the tool: one is the same as the ordinary lathe by the screw to drive the slide and the knife holder in front of the bed; the other is the flat comb from the slide in the center of the bed. The external thread cutting head (see automatic opening and closing thread cutting head) cuts into the workpiece and is moved forward. 2] Some machines that process long tubes also have workpiece support devices such as a center frame, a tool holder, and a rear bracket. At present, the spindle diameter of the pipe thread lathe is mainly 135mm-500mm, the maximum turning diameter of the workpiece on the bed is 630mm-1200mm, and the maximum workpiece length is 750mm-15000mm.

Development History:
With the popularization of numerical control systems, some of the thread-turning lathes have been digitally controlled, and CNC threaded lathes have emerged, which has played an important role in improving machining efficiency, improving machining accuracy and reducing worker work intensity in the field of machining and manufacturing.

CNC pipe threading lathe details:
Pipe thread lathes are most suitable for processing various pipe threads in oilfield, geological, mining, chemical and other industries. For example, oil pipe, casing, pipe, pump pipe, mine pipe and other thread processing, is also suitable for other industries to turn a variety of ordinary internal and external circles and complex shapes of parts.
    The machine adopts automatic rotary tool holder and adopts international standard code. It can automatically complete the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, any tapered surface and straight and taper threads. The processing range of cutting, curved surface and spherical surface is large, the processing efficiency is high, and the precision and stability are good. Easy to operate.
This machine is ideal for users to increase production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

CNC Pipe Thread Turning Lathe Features:
1. Adopt mechatronic design.
2. The bed rail is quenched by super-audio.
3. Japan's Mitsubishi original 50L high-performance CNC system or FANOC series CNC system.
4. Centralized lubrication timing and quantitative lubrication of each sliding surface and transmission part.
5. Each operation button and CNC system are concentrated on the same system box, which is convenient for machine operation and programming.
6. The diameter of the through hole of the main shaft is large, which basically satisfies the processing of various pipes and bars.
7. The front and rear ends of the machine can be equipped with chucks, which are harder than the clamping of long workpieces.
8. Selectable CNC system: various CNC systems at home and abroad.
9. Optional components: AC drive, six-station automatic rotary tool holder, front through-hole pneumatic chuck, tailstock.
10. Optional accessories: floor center frame, four-jaw chuck.
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