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Pipe thread lathe processing technology

Pipe thread lathe processing technology
Update Time:2019-02-16

Pipe thread lathe processing technology

Thread processing machine

Thread processing machines are specialized machine tools for machining threads (including worms, hobs, etc.). Mainly used in the manufacturing of machinery, cutting tools, measuring tools, standard parts and household appliances. Thread processing machines can be divided according to the method of processing threads:

1 thread cutting lathe machine.

Such as thread lathes, thread milling machines, thread grinders, tapping machines, threading machines, etc., where thread turning machines, thread milling machines and thread grinders use thread processing tools or grinding wheels to machine threaded workpieces of various precisions, thread cutters and thread gauges. The wire machine and the Threading Machine are respectively processed into mass-produced nuts and screws by specially designed taps and wrenches.

2 thread rolling lathe machine. 

The workpiece is plastically deformed by an open rolling die to obtain threads, such as a thread rolling machine, a thread rolling machine, etc., and the production is high, and is suitable for large-scale, mass production of standard fasteners and external threads of other threaded couplings.


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