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The Origin Of Christmas

The Origin Of Christmas
Update Time:2018-12-24

December 25 every year, is the day christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, known as Christmas.Christmas is celebrated from December 24 to January 6 of the following year.During the festival, christians all over the world held a grand memorial ceremony.Christmas is originally a Christian holiday, because people pay special attention to it, it has become a national holiday, the country in a year the biggest holiday, and the New Year in the same breath, the class is the west like Chinese New Year.Westerners take red, green and white as Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every family will decorate with Christmas colors.The red ones have Christmas flowers and Christmas candles.The green one is the Christmas tree.It is the main Christmas decorations, cut down with the cedar, cypress a kind of evergreen tree is decorated tower.It is hung with colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers, and lit with Christmas candles.

      Red and white contrast is Santa Claus, he is the most popular character in Christmas activities.Before going to bed on Christmas Eve, western children should put a sock in front of the fireplace or beside the pillow and wait for Santa Claus to put presents in the sock after they go to bed.Playing Santa Claus is also a custom in the west.The name Christmas is short for "Christ's mass".Mass is a form of church service.Christmas is a religious festival.We celebrate it as the birthday of Jesus, hence the name Christmas.On this day, all Christian churches around the world hold special services.But there are many Christmas celebrations that have nothing to do with religion.Exchanging gifts and sending Christmas CARDS all make Christmas a day of universal celebration.

      There is a story about the birth of Jesus. Jesus was conceived by the holy spirit and was born of the virgin Mary.God also sent an angel, gabriel, to Joseph in a dream, telling him not to give birth to Mary because she was unmarried and did not want to have children, but to marry her. He named the child Jesus, which meant that he would save the people from their SINS.When Mary was about to come to the dish, the Roman government gave an order that all the people must declare their household registration in Bethlehem.Joseph and Mary obeyed.When they arrived in Bethlehem, it was already dark, but they could not find a hotel to stay, only a stable can stay.Just then, Jesus was going to be born!So Mary only gave birth to Jesus in the manger.Later generations to commemorate the birth of Jesus, it is set December 25 for Christmas, every year at mass, to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

      Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus on December 25, but the actual date of his birth is unknown.In the 19th century, the popularity of Christmas CARDS, the emergence of Santa Claus, Christmas has become popular.

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